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Old Parker 75 Fountain Pen in Sterling Silver with 14K M-nib / Made in France

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Old Parker 75 Cartridges Fountain Pen in 925 Sterling Silver with 14K M-nib. Made 1989 (IIN) in the France. Found in an old pen-store. Pens with the name Found in an old pen-store are goods which were bought up from old stores. On this occasion, it concerns almost exclusively the new product which had been […]

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Montblanc fountain pen Meisterstuck Solitaire 1448 Sterling Silver Nib18K/M

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Slightly scratched or dirty. If you have any question about the condition, accessories, or anything about the product, Please feel free to message us. We are glad to answer all your concerns. If you are planning to be in the situation with no internet, please let us know. North America Oceania Middle East. If the […]

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